La Costa dei Barbari

A wedding by the sea: simple, elegant and carefree. A civil or religious ceremony, the wedding banquet, and your wedding photographs taken on the beach at La Costa dei Barbari in Viareggio.

Celebrate your American-style wedding in Italy. Here in the heart of Tuscany, in Viareggio, right at the water’s edge. Between sky and sea.

You can get married by the sea! You can say “I do” on the beach in Viareggio, in the heart of Versilia. You can choose whether to have a civil or religious marriage ceremony.
You can hold your wedding on the beach. Barefoot! A simple, elegant wedding.
A civil wedding by the sea can be organized with the help of the municipality of Viareggio. A religious wedding by the sea can be organized with the help of a Catholic priest.
You can also choose a wedding by the sea for a symbolic ceremony.

In Italy, it used to be complicated to get married on the beach. Now La Costa dei Barbari offers you the chance to have your wedding by the sea, simply and elegantly. And not just the civil ceremony, but the religious ceremony, too, or even a symbolic one.

In just a few weeks, with a simple and efficient organization and with the benefit of our professional experience you can achieve your dream of a wedding on the beach in Italy, in Viareggio, Tuscany.
Your dream of saying “I do” on the beach can be a reality: you can get married on the beach at La Costa dei Barbari.
Every civil and religious wedding celebrated on the beach in Viareggio has been a fairytale come true for the happy couple. Getting married on the beach in Versilia, Tuscany, in the heart of Italy, the home of art and culture, gives the couple and their guests an unforgettable wedding.

La Costa dei Barbari is the perfect beach location for your wedding. A wedding on the beach is a dream come true in spring, summer or autumn, and it’s romantic and poetic in winter. Saying “I do” barefoot on the beach with the sea lapping at your toes is a unique experience, but so is an elegant wedding on the terrace with its stunning view.

The private beach, the panoramic terrace, and the world-class restaurant all make La Costa dei Barbari the perfect location for your wedding.


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